What We Do

The Capstone Institute is a research, development, and technical assistance center within Howard University. It has a full-time professional staff comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners to include training, curriculum and evaluation specialists, administrators, and support personnel, as well as researchers, faculty associates, and students. Individually and collectively, our staff has a demonstrated track record of evidenced-based accomplishments in urban and ethnically diverse schools, districts and communities.

Our Model

The centerpiece of Capstone’s work is the Talent Quest Model™ of comprehensive school reform. The Talent Quest Model™ evolved from a philosophy of schooling called Talent Development, which embraces the idea that all students can learn in a demanding setting, with high academic expectations, if relevant stakeholders are supportive and assume compatible, convergent responsibilities to accomplish this objective.

Our mission

To research, develop, evaluate, refine and disseminate the Talent Quest school reform model and/or its components in schools and communities with large proportions of students from primarily low-income and/or ethnic minority backgrounds who underachieve academically, and who have school-based social and behavioral challenges.