The Academic Support Programs for K-16 are carefully crafted research based initiatives designed to:

    • Provide academic support and skills reinforcement for diverse student bodies across the K through 16 spectrum;
    • Provide students with intensive learning strategies to enhance understanding and deeper learning of academic instruction in language arts (reading), as well as, in math, science and other STEM related areas;
    • Provide test taking strategies for a variety of situations;
    • Provide ongoing, highly effective training for tutors
  • Provide students with postsecondary education and career awareness knowledge designed to motivate and inspire them to achieve at their highest levels.

Capstone’s programs, with their many special features are co-constructed by educational stakeholders, and designed to meet the needs of a diverse participant population.

Special features to Capstone’s Academic Support Programs are described herein:

  • Reinforcement and mastery of concepts and problem solving
  • Use of innovative, comprehensive research-based strategies
  • Provision of carefully sequenced units of study, aligned with the National Common Core Standards
  • Appropriate use of educational technology
  • Extensive use of our own research-based reading framework
  • Development of skills through the use of culturally relevant and socially important activities
  • Use and integration of highly engaging activities and learning materials that help develop and improve students’ critical thinking, comprehension, reading and writing skills across various subject areas
  • Infusion of academic concepts, particularly ones that are STEM focused, with practical “real world” application.

Through small-group interventions; individual attention; “real world” applications; research-based proven methods of instruction; and alignment with district and national learning standards, Capstone Institute Academic Support Programs provide an optimal learning environment for a wide range of student needs.

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