Successful educational outcomes cannot occur without quality assessments and evaluations that guide practice and program improvements. The Capstone Institute Assessment and Evaluation team specializes in deploying a cadre of robust, customizable methods to help support optimized educational attainment.

Needs Assessment

  • Typically conducted at the outset of all projects. Used to identify how well the current processes meet the needs and goals of stakeholders,
  • Examine existing practices, attitudes, resources, strengths, challenges and opportunities at a given site.
  • The various facets encompass:
    • examination of archival documents (e.g. suspension rates, attendance trends etc.),
    • administrator interviews,
    • school/organization walk-throughs,
    • stakeholder questionnaire surveys,
    • classroom observations,
    • stakeholder focus groups,
    • test score diagnostics.

Follow-up Assessments and Evaluation

Include several different facets:

  • Periodic diagnostic testing to determine the best fit of instruction and to benchmark progress.
  • Monitor quality of teacher/staff professional development.
  • Discern quality of instruction, leadership, academic support, and school-family-community partnership components.
  • Link implementations to specific outcomes.
  • Gauge how implementation factors relate to standardized achievement outcomes and factors such as motivation, task engagement, and attitudes toward learning.
  • Linking process data to outcomes data allows us to discern what is working and why.
  • Provide mid-course corrective feedback if needed.
  • Identify more readily what factors contribute the most to sustained success.

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