Capstone’s Curriculum Support takes a forward, anticipatory approach by aligning instructional strategies with national, state and student achievement standards.

Capstone’s intention is to prepare our students and instructional staff to meet the objectives of the Common Core Standards and those of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The focus of our curriculum support is to enhance teachers’ instructional application there by assisting students in understanding foundational concepts more deeply.

Major stumbling blocks for many students and especially those from ethnic minority and/or low-income backgrounds, are there inability to grasp foundational concepts that allow them to gain operational competence.

At the Capstone Institute, along with University faculty and industry experts, develop, support and reinforce a wide range of curriculum materials and instructional strategies, distinctly focusing on student’s deep understanding of foundational concepts; emphasizing connections across subjects; relating to personally and culturally meaningful pedagogy; and cumulative knowledge building.

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